[Article] 160713 It's high time for "Emoji"

#1  On August 13th last year, U.S presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted the following tweet on her SNS

"How does your student loan debt make you feel?"

And she added, “Tell us in 3 ○○○○○s or less.” 

#2 On May 13th, boy Group BTS was the first Korean artist to reveal ○○○○○ on Twitter. U.S music magazine "Billboard" wrote an article immediately and added, "Among all K-Pop  artists, in 2015 BTS was the most active Twitter user and they were selected as leader of global trend."

#3 Government of Finland started creating their own ○○○ since November last year. The three types were sauna which symbolizes Finland, Nokia mobile phone and headbanger.

What could be the common word that would fill the above ○○○○ and ○○○ ? From the above examples, we can tell that it was a world wide trend, a trend that penetrated deeply into political, social and cultural industry. The answer is "emoji" in English and "이모지" in Korean.

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