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Gone are the days when we had to wait for events and TV appearance schedules to watch our idols. With the rise of digital era of video contents, idols are in control of this stream. Fans can meet their idols through Youtube, Naver V App Live and other platforms any time. The companies of these idols have stepped up with their own cameras lifting the limitation on materials but adding more charms for their idols.

"2016 Idol Contents Award" was created to support the golden age of idol contents. From 11th to 15th, total of 5 days. this awards have been focusing on idols who showed winning moves in the contents battle with bright ideas and our fourth runner is group BTS who is advancing as the global idol. BTS showcases the charms of their seven members through their Youtube channel "BangtanTV" and V app live.

-"Final Boss of Contents" award: BTS, their splendid contents that turns the viewers into their fans

The winner of "Final Boss of Contents" award is group BTS who solidified their position as the trending idol with their "HYYH" series last year. Ever since their pre-debut days, the members uploaded log videos talking about their daily life on their Youtube channel "BangtanTV". That's not all, they gained fans by regularly uploading cover videos, choreography videos and reviews.

After their debut, they started revealing series like "Bangtan Bomb" and "Episode" which captured behind the stage  videos of members showing us their charms. "Bangtan Bomb" is quite shorter compared to other videos and it's usually recorded or produced by the members themselves, increasing the fans' interest. "Episode" captures the members at album jacket set or music video set, waiting room at broadcasting stations or other official events of BTS. And on special occasions, they upload "Kkul FM 06.13" which is like a radio program hosted by BTS as the DJs and guests. They read out letters sent by their fans, staffs or members and have a heart-to-heart talk. These videos are reproduced by their fans with subtitles or special effects, creating edited contents and gaining more popularity.

Moreover, after launching V Live BTS channel last year, it helped to reinforce BTS members' personal contents. BTS leader Rap Monster and youngest member Jungkook upload series called "1 minute English", introducing one everyday English phrase in every video. Eldest member Jin uploads "Eat Jin" series with his extraordinary eating talent. V and Jimin who are from Gyeonggi-do upload "What are they going to do?", introducing dialect to their viewers. They display their endless charms to the viewers with their own series. Suga and J Hope are making attempts with their new item, "Hwagae Market". The other contents we need to give attention to is J Hope's "Hope on the Street". J Hope was famous for his dance moves during their pre-debut days and with "HopeOnSt", J Hope gets to show off his dancing skills and introduce the fans to genre of dances which he's currently interested in and sharing his dreams with them.

Currently, BTS has over 1.76 million Youtube subscribers, 2.71 million fans on their V App, making them the second popular channel of V App (as of 2016 July 14th). At present, BTS meets their fans every Tuesday on V Live Plus with their self produced contents, Northern Europe travel reality "Bon Voyage". 

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