[Article] 160717 "God's Workplace" BTS surprises the professionals with their sewing skills, "Sewing-idol"

Photos of BTS J Hope and Jimin's new talent, "sewing" were revealed.

BTS J Hope and Jimin joined SBS pilot show "God's Workplace" where celebrities work at  hypothetical office and sell products made by them on home shopping channel. It's a new conceptual conte variety program.

During this episode, J Hope and Jimin teamed up with the assistant managers Kim Jongmin and Yook Joongwan help their client sell their product. The product they're assigned to sell is "Cold trousers". The four members learned to use the sewing machine to create perfect trousers and J Hope and Jimin displayed exceptional sewing skills, surprising the professionals and finding their hidden talents.

Furthermore, BTS was not just great sewing machine users. They did an excellent job as the youngest employees. The interns pleased their senior Kim Jongmin by mastering Koyote choreography.

The episode of BTS sewing their "Bangtan style" handmade cold trousers will air on SBS this August. The products personally created by the cast members will be available for sale on Lotte Home Shopping channel this coming 17th Sunday and at 2AM on 18th.

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