[Article] 160718 BTS, begins their first Japan arena tour... sets forty thousand fans on "Fire"

Boy group BTS ended their Osaka and Nagoya concert in great success and kicked off their first arena tour in Japan.

On 12th and 13th, BTS performed at Osaka Jo Hall in Osaka, and on 15th and 16th they performed at Gaishi Hall in Nagoya. They have raised the curtains of their Asia tour "2016 BTS LIVE HYYH on stage: epilogue ~Japan Edition~".

The fans responded warmly to their first arena tour in Japan. They were scheduled to perform 2 days in Osaka and 1 day in Nagoya but an additional date was added in Nagoya due to their fans' great support. Moreover, they sold out all tickets during their pre-sale period for fanclub members which led them to open standing areas and additional seats with bad views but these tickets sold out out. BTS boasted their powerful ticket power by selling out total of 44,000 seats at Osaka and Nagoya.

Fans who came to their concert in Osaka crowded around the arena despite the scorching heat and their Nagoya fans came to see their concert despite the heavy rainfall. On both locations, fans came to the venue the day before the concert to buy the concert goods. The lines were almost 3km long and some of the fans even camped outside the venue creating chaos.

Opening the show with their mini album "HYYH pt. 2" title track "RUN", BTS enthusiastically performed "Boy in Luv", "Dope", "No more dream", "Fun Boys" and other hit songs. They lead the concert with splendid performances produced by their powerful performance and dynamic music.

Although they performed their latest song "Fire" and "Baepsae" for the first time in Japan, their Japanese fans sang along to the Korean lyrics and presented them with perfect fanchants which deeply touched BTS members. BTS responded to their fans support with "For You" stage which ranked No. 1 on Oricon weekly single chart last year. They were the first international hip hop artist to win the first place.

Furthermore, BTS members showed off their improved Japanese skills. The members had a good command of their Japanese speech which they had prepared beforehand and made the fans cheer louder with their Osaka and Nagoya dialect. Rap Monster received a hurricane of applause when he said, "It feels like this concert was the last puzzle piece of HYYH, thereby completing our HYYH. Thank you for being a part of our most beautiful moment in life."

BTS has completed their Osaka and Nagoya concert and they will be continuing their Asia tour with their Beijing concert this 23th. 

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1. It looks like BTS is the real trend ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really like their song "Fire" and the choreography +353 -43

2. It's cool... I think they're following the right course by taking a step at a time and growing bigger... +309 -34

3. BTS jjang jjang men! Fire +261 -31

4. Awesome people~ You guys are working hard abroad~ I'm always supporting you~ You're the best, best +254 -31

5. So cool! Awesome BTS ^^ +237 -30

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