[Article] 160718 Inkigayo PD's interview 2

During these past few years we had countless number of new girl and boy idols groups. Even Inkigayo PD Jang Seokjin was surprised whenever he monitored these new idol groups.

It was their talent that shattered the stereotype we had about "idols". Praising these idols, Jang PD continued, "Compared to 6 years ago when I used to be Inkigayo junior staff, the current idols have better singing talents and their choreography has evolved greatly."

Among these many idols, there must have been groups that drew Jang PD's attention. When we asked him if he had any groups that attracted his attention, he cautiously chose "Oh My Girl", "Astro", "Seventeen" and "BTS".

Jang PD couldn't hide his surprise about Seventeen and BTS's fandoms. "I never thought they could build such big fandoms. I was surprised after hearing the fans' cheering at the venue. I think Seventeen and BTS have joined the ranks of top trending idol groups."

(some parts have been omitted) 
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