[Article] 160719 BTS V, shoots the fangirls with his national treasure like visual... "Stylish TaeTae"

BTS V posted selfies that captured his incredibly handsome visual. 

On 18th, BTS V posted 2 photos on BTS official Twitter account with sleepy face emojis.

The first photo had two photos attached together. It captured his side profile and the front view of his face. The second photo had two half shots of his face.

Although V was wearing a check shirt which looked like his sleepwear with basic make up on his face, he displayed perfect visual and made his fans scream.

Netizens who saw his photos commented, "Kim Taehyung's visual is national treasure indeed", "TaeTae why are you shaking my heart" and "I got only you Kim Taehyung".

Meanwhile BTS started their arena tour in Japan.

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