[Article] 160719 "Bon Voyage" BTS,forewarns "a war of nerves" between V who lost his bag VS eldest hyung Jin

Group BTS is back as a group for their Northern Europe Trip.

On 19th, according to their company Bighit Entertainment, BTS will be appearing as a whole group in the third episode of their Northern Europe Travel log "Bon Voyage" which will be aired on Naver V Live Plus. 

This episode will show the members of BTS facing the biggest crisis of their travel.  V, who lost his bag and their eldest member Jin will fight a war of nerves and end up raising their voices at each other.

Ever since their trip began, the members remained calm even after losing their bags and ticket in order but they seemed flustered by the explosive situation. The members are famous for their great team work so it's surely drawing our attention.

Also, scenes of BTS members on Sognefjord tour will be revealed. After arriving at the little town Flåm by boat, the seven youths spend their free time and gradually fall deeper into their trip. The episode will capture the members enjoying their time. It airs at 10PM.

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