[Article] 160722 Zico, Jinyoung, Rap Mon, Woozi, the BEST 4 Producing Idols

They're just sparkly on the outside? You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Lately, skills like composing, lyric writing or producing has become one of the compulsory virtues of idols. We could call them "Producing idols" with "Golden hands".

In the past, when members participate in composing or lyric writing, the companies tried their best to inform us about this and the general public considered this to be an amazing talent. However, these days this skill is not an option and it's considered a compulsory virtue. We aren't surprised anymore when we hear that the members had participated in their entire album.

That being said, it doesn't mean that having one of these talents - composing, lyric writing or producing, is considered unimportant. Since the participating member knows the charms, strong and weak points of their group better than others, participating in their album is good for their team and for the participant. If so, who could be the rising "Producing Idols" that have drawn our attention with their beyond expectation results?

> Composing Sexy Brain Man, BTS Rap Monster
Leader and the main rapper of BTS, Rap Monster demonstrated his special talents by participating in composing and writing lyrics since the group's debut album. Other members including J Hope and Suga participate in making their album but Rap Monster caught our eyes when it was revealed that he also takes part as a producer. Beside BTS's albums, he had also released mixtapes on his own. With freewheeling and his personal music style, he definitely makes us look forward to his potentials.

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1. I think Suga participates more than Rap Monster... +982 -100

2. Journalist, among BTS members it's Suga who produces more songs... +825 -82

3. I think they're all amazing... +627 -56

4. The four of them are equally amazing.. +133 -17

5. I'm be anticipating future songs from all of you! +86 -11

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