[Article] 160725 "The visuals make it interesting"... Flower boys CPR-ing the TV

These days "The faces make the show interesting already" is a popular saying. This is to compliment the handsome actors who take over the screens with overwhelming powers way before the drama actually starts broadcasting. "His/Her face is working hard" is also a similar saying. Their job requires them to show their face to the general public through television and movies so it's a fact that their visuals cannot be ignored.

To attract the female viewers only with their actors' visuals, National TV dramas have a line-up of star-studded cast. Dramas aired by cable channels like tvN have been receiving favorable reviews and they recorded higher viewer ratings, surpassing the National TV dramas. It seems like the National TV channels are trying to bounce back by bringing handsome actors to their work.

KBS's Hwarangs and the Ruler

KBS is planning to display strong persistence with their handsome Hwarangs. KBS 2TV "Hwarang: The Beginning" (Writer Park Eunyoung, Director Yoon Seungsik, hereinafter referred to as "Hwarang") has a star-studded cast including Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho (Shinee), V (BTS) and many other good looking actors. They started filming the drama on March 31st and it's a 100% pre-produced drama, promising us a high degree of completion. It was also reported that the drama was sold to China at the highest price per episode so we're anticipating to see the impact of this drama when it's finally revealed in Korea.

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