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Solo debut among idol groups is a trend now. In 2016 alone we had SNSD Taeyeon and Tiffany, Infinite Nam Woohyun, f(x) Luna, Shinee Jonghyun and many other members who made their debut as solo artists. It looks like this trend will continue during the second half of this year.

Although these idol members shine the brightest when they're with their groups, it is also true that it's different for every member to see the light. Considering this, solo debut is an opportunity these idols can't lose. Especially to the "hidden gem" of the group or the members with "amazing vocals". So we took a close look. Who could be the hidden amazing vocals of some groups who still haven't released their solo album?

▲BTS Jungkook

Jungkook is the main vocalist of BTS. He is also adored by his fans as he's the youngest member in the group. There is an obvious reason why he's the main vocalist when he's the cutie of the group. It's because of his soulful voice. His soulful voice reminds us of English pop singers.

Songs by BTS like "Like it", "Just one day", "Let me know" and many others show how attactive Jungkook's voice sounds. His tone turns slightly higher than his usual voice, creating soft delightfulness to our ears. Also you can't forget about his covers. Among many Jungkook's cover songs uploaded on BTS Blog, Tori Kelly's Paper Hearts was highly recommended. Since his group member Suga forewarned us of his mixtape, we believe we could anticipate for Jungkook's solo debut.

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