[Instiz] 160705 Staffs critized for smoking indoor around idol

Staff was seen smoking confidently inside the studio where the photoshoot was taking place

In front of her, Jimin was having his photos taken 

When fans started complaining the company took down the video

+) Another indoor smoker spotted in their concert practice video

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1. Omg... 

2. I really hate this

3. Bighit please do your job

4. Wow they don't care about the people around them

5. I don't understand. If you care about your artists please smoke outside..

6. Lately Bighit is ke.... 
 ㄴ Starting with their coordis, their staffs are creating problems and not their artists

7. Bangtan always face problems because of their staffs..

8. Personally I dislike people who smoke around musicians and just everyone... Of course, it would be okay if people around them are smokers too or if it's a smoking area but some of the (BTS) members in the photo have already mentioned that they don't like the smell of tobacco. I'm upset 
ㄴ 222222222 (agree)
ㄴ I heard that all of them hate the smell of it ㅠㅠ 
   ㄴReally? ㅠㅠㅠ Thank you for telling me. I'm upset ㅠㅠ

9. What are they doing...? If they got brains they should know to not smoke in a crowded and closed space... 

10. They are our precious boys

11. Bighit, I hope you care about their environment

12. I have no problem about them smoking but smoking in front of singer who have to keep healthy voices.. Passive smoking is worse than smoking..

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