[Instiz] 160714 Nicknames of idols that are now considered as their official name

김스치면인연, 태태 /Kim Seuchi-myeon-inyeon, TaeTae

T/N: Kim (his surname) + Seuchimyeoninyeon (from Converse high,  "When you brush by it's fate") This is because of his friendly personality. (like how he got close with actor Park Bogum and Kim Minjae)

황금막내 / Golden Maknae

망개떡 / Mang-gae-ddeuk (Manggae rice cake)


차문남 / Car door guy

민빠답, 군주님 / Min-ppa-dap, Goonju-nim

(Those are only used among fans but I included them because they're famous)

T/N: 민빠답 is shorten form of 민윤기한테 빠지면 답이 없다 - You are helpless when you fall for Min Yoongi 
*군주님 - King

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