[Instiz] 160731 The monolid miracle within the group

The fans of this group call these members the miracles of monolids-

BTS V (22)
BTS Jin (25)

Although he has monolids, they are huge (shivers)

+ Jimin, Suga and Rap Mon from the same group have monolids too. (5 out of 7 members have monolids)

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1. Heol, so there are many monolid members.. but they're all handsome (shivers)

2. Heol Jin is monolid too...

3. I have monolids too but why am I not... (cries)

4. My boyfriend and my husband... 
ㄴ Would you like to wash your face with hot sauce?

5. What does it mean by monolid miracle...? 
ㄴ According to the OP, I think it means their eyes are big although they have monolid eyes

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