[Instiz] The Real GIF Battle

Well, let me put on my sunglasses... huh? 

TRAP ALERT_Never be fooled

1. Someone please laugh on my behalf kekekekekekekekekek
ㄴomg kekekekekee thank you ekekekek

2. That gif kekekekekeke Who is the guy wearing his pants on his face and the shirt on his legs? kekekekekeke
ㄴ It's BTS J Hope! 

3. Where is that J Hope gif from? kekekeke
ㄴ (same user) Please tell me I'm really curious...
       ㄴ It's one of their Bangtan Bomb, "it's the pose when BTS sleep normally "! You'll be able to find it when you copy + paste it on Youtube
           ㄴ Thank you~

4. Even this one too kekekekekeke He's indeed our diving beetle ♥ kekekekekekekekekekke

5. Who is the idol in the TRAP gif? kekekeke that's the funniest kekekekekekekek
ㄴ It's BTS J Hope!
   ㄴ Ah thank you! kekekekkekekekeke In my opinion, the funniest idol was Namjoon but from today I think it's going to be J Hope! 

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