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Q. Rap Monster+ In your mixtape "A typical trainee's Christmas" the following line- "I was a shaved head from Ilsan, Making it to the nation's top 1% and then I got an unexpected call during my midterms" appears. Could you tell us what this call was about and if you ever regretted for answering this call? Recently you were praised after your Epik High's "Umbrella" performance on MBC <Duet Singing Competition>.

▲ The call was about asking me to visit Bighit Entertainment and meet Bang Sihyuk PD. I answered this call during school break and I think this was one of the most dramatic moments of my life. As any other people, I do regret for the path I didn't get the chance to walk on but that's something usual and sometimes I envy the life of university student around my age but if I compare the quality and quantity of my regret, I regret less for being who I am today. "Umbrella" is my life song. I started my music journey while listening to Epik High's music so I really wanted to sing it well on stage. I was surprised and grateful when senior Tablo mentioned my performance on SNS after the broadcast.

Q. Suga_ You were crew D-Town producer in Daegu since 2010. If you compare the performances as an under rapper and now, which one makes you happier? Are you still following your dorm-workspace-broadcasting station lifestyle?

▲ I think it's 50:50. I enjoyed performing in front of 2 audience in Daegu and I enjoyed performing in front of over 10,000 audience. When I listen to my old songs I can't help wondering why I had made such ridiculous tracks but that was when I was overflowing with confidence, it didn't matter if I made great songs or not. That period  built a good foundation to be who I am today. Even these days I still stay in my workspace all day. We aren't promoting right now so usually it's workspace-car-dorm but I feel comfortable and happy living everyday with music. 

Q. J Hope_ I think you would feel more responsible as the official choreography captain of BTS. Are you a gifted person with aegyo and loveliness radiating positivity to people around you? 

▲ It was honestly hard during trainee days. I tried my best to help the 4 members who weren't used to dancing by making them realize how enjoyable dancing can because I thought I would be pressuring them if I force them to practice. We practiced hard during late hours to and I'm grateful to our members for following my advice. My personality has always been bright. But with the name "HOPE" and the love from our fans I think I turned brighter after debut. But I hope you all remember that I'm a serious man when I'm serious.

Q. Jin_ You are the eldest but you also have a maknae like side too. Others said you are mom like hyung who takes care of all cooking and cleaning. Do you still let your younger brothers to joke with you? Do you still take care of them? Your face has actor feel to it so have you ever thought about acting after V?

▲ I don't want to show dignity and scold the younger members just because I'm the eldest. Rap Monster and Suga play the dependable and reliable hyungs so I want to brighten the mood. I believe that people look younger the more they act like a child and keep their minds young. I gave up cooking because it was too hard. The younger brothers prefer delivery food than my dishes. (laughs) Honestly I really wanted to try acting before our debut but compared to before my wish has lessened after performing enjoyable stages. I want to focus on my full time job and try acting when I get a chance.

Q. V_ You play the youngest Hwarang character who is "a boy like sunshine" in the upcoming KBS2 drama <Hwarang: The Beginning>. How is the filming? We heard that you are a social butterfly and stay in touch with Park Bogum every day and that both of you went to the amusement park together.

▲ This was my first acting so I was very pressured. It was hard during the start but thanks to the great drama, director, seniors and staffs, I enjoy filming. The 6 of us, Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Minho, Do Jihan, Jo Yoonyoo hyungs and myself, are really close and we enjoy each other's company. (Park) Bogum hyung and I became close because we have similar personality and hobbies and he's a very nice and great hyung. We had hard time choosing our destination and we decided to go to the amusement park but we didn't get to play for long. (laughs)

Q. Jimin_ You started dancing since grade 9 and you entered Busan arts high school as top which makes you an amazing dancer but at the same time you also played an important role by creating BTS's unique charming voice. But you also got the nickname "Jimdbag" (Jimin+Sandbag) because you're the last member in the group's ranking. What happened to you?

▲ I also think a lot about vocal and not just dancing. I think I still lack a lot as a vocalist so I want to try my best to satisfy myself and present you with better music. I agree that I'm the last in the group's ranking. I think this happened after being tossed by our youngest member Jungkook. I used to have the nickname "Jungkook Mom" but now I think I became "Jungkook's toy". (laughs) I can't defy but I don't really dislike their pranks so I can't do anything about it.

Q. Jungkook_ We're curious how you feel about your nickname "Golden Maknae". You appeared on <Flower Boy Bromance> with Shinhwa Lee Minwoo. What kind of senior is he?

▲ I'm happy and grateful for such nickname but at the same time I do feel very pressured. It's because I personally feel that I lack in many ways. I want to learn more things and improve myself to fit the title. Senior Lee Minwoo is a big senior so I was uneasy, scared and nervous. I learned a lot from him. My dream is to perform well and coolly for a long, long time like senior Shinhwa.

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1. I feel prouder to be a fan of BTs because they're never arrogant but always work hard!! Let's stay together for a long time! +263 -1

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3. Why am I laughing and crying while reading this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Guys I love you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +197 -1

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