[NAVER] 160624 "Explosive popularity" BTS sells out 140,000 seats in 10 different countries in Asia

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Wow... The kids might pass out. 14 concerts in 2 months... Money is important but I hope you consider the kids' health... Seriously, when I think about the time they fainted last time ㅠㅠ Please don't get hurt and come back safely~ +962 -75

1. Not sure about other things but I think their performance is amazing +709 -57

2. Fire~~~~~ +694 -81

3. Rise like B!T!S +591 -57

4. Daebak this is amazing. BTS let's keep rolling towards success! +605 -73

5. At first I was like "wth is wrong with their group name?" and now I'm their ahjumma fan...  I fell in love after watching their dance performances because they dance until they break their bones and I fell in love again since most of their songs are nice~ I hope they keep succeeding ^^ +214 -9

6. Bangtans got great talent...  I think we all have similar taste +216 -10

7. I think Bangtan has great teamwork so when I watch them I feel like their good synergy is passed on to me. I got to listen to whalien 52 by chance and I really loved it so I bought every album including their first one and listened to them. They got many great songs. I begin the day with let me know. I hope BTS succeeds more and more. Hope you guys present us with more good songs. +201 -11

8. I can't help but watch them while changing tv channels... They really do their best... hwaiting!! +216 -25

9. I'm concerned about their health but their income from concerts is massive. It's right to earn when you can but I just hope the kids stay healthy. Earn a lot when you guys have the chance and become rich!! +145 -7

10. Gosh can't you just praise them without slandering? Our starfish BTS who grows bigger by eating away jealously and hate! Cheer up! I love you! +141 -8

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