[NAVER] 160703 Even in the US, run, run, run"... BTS, the burning New York Boy Scout

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1. Jimin is next to V... and when there are 7 members it should be "7 members with 7 colors", right? Journalist... +1558 -95
 ㄴ I'm an uncle who is 44 yrs old and their song is "Fire"? Did I get it right? I like their song. Hope you guys do well
 ㄴ Oh~ The article has been edited. They edited the "7 member 7 colors", "Jimin beside V" and added Jimin's selfie keke BTS is the trend~~

2. Can someone tell me why Jimin's looking so handsome lately... +1552 -113
 ㄴ Yes. That's right, Jimin looks the best with black hair woah~
 ㄴ Jimin in particular... after dying his hair black his face has ㅜㅜ "He's much good looking" isn't enough
 ㄴ I've seen all the members in person but honestly J Hope looks the best in real life. Camera doesn't do the justice.... Wow after seeing him in person I couldn't close my mouth. FYI I saw him right in front of my eyes (shivering)
 ㄴ They look cool in their own charms ^^ Especially CGV Taehyung
 ㄴ Seriously J Hope looks the best in person. I wasn't the only one feeling this way.... I fall in love with him after every concert keke
 ㄴ Their member Jimin has this unique charm... My eyes keep following him only during their performances
 ㄴ Our beautiful Bangtans ㅠㅠㅠ

3. Heol as soon as I got on Naver "bam"... ♡ You guys did so well yesterday ㅠㅠ Really I could feel the excitement by looking at the photos and the videos kekekeke BTS I support you always ♡♡ +888 -60

4. They're seriously so lovable ㅠㅠ I'm so proud to be BTS fan  +881 -62

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