[NAVER] 160711 [Gayo Report for the first half of 2016①] New era for the top 3 idol groups has begun

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1. I hope GOT7 grows bigger ^^ And Seventeen  is doing well too, and I hope BTS to become more successful. I like all the 3 groups so I hope you all do well in the second half too ^^ +90 -6

2. BTS as expected!! You guys are amazing!!!♡ Seventeen and GOT7 are amazing too ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ♡ +68 -8

3. BTS did great but Seventeen and GOT7 are amazing too ^^ 100,000 copies is a great figure~ GOT7's returning with a new album in the second half so I hope you guys give them love and support ^^ +28 -0

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