[Naver] 160715 BTS is 1st on V LIVE Gaon Weibo, artist with most number of followers

1. BTS as expected~ Let's succeed more and more! +1107 -169

2. Let's climb up a step at a time like now~~~❤️ Fighting always!!! +943 -146

3. I'm proud to be a fan of BTS!! Communication boy scouts I love you ♡♡ +926 -144

4. Successful boy scout indeed ❤️❤️❤️ I believe that you guys will show us more progress! +869 -133

5. Wow, they keep creating new records +856 -147

6. My singers who broadcast on V App for fans who might miss them while they're performing abroad even when they must be exhausted ㅠ Let's continue this spirit and reach 3 million! +281 -21

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