[PANN] 160706 Ah, seriously Namjoon

(trans of Mot's tweet) Recently Namjoon asked me in serious tone about misogyny when we met privately so we talked about it for quite a long time. Namjoon confessed that he felt a sense of shame, sense of guilt for being caught up in this controversy and that it makes him painful and sleepless.
So I said Misogyny is not an inerasable "branding" nor a "label"  but it's rather the matter of degree and that it could exist in anyone but instead of feeling that it's unfair or feel distressed, it's a matter of finding this trait in oneself and whether you choose to correct yourself or not
And that I'm also in the progress of self-correction and I told him that although I'm still lacking, I was able to realize. I've talked such similar subject with people around me but Namjoon listened closely than anyone and understood my words better
Furthermore, I feel relieved after reading Bighit's statement in Donga Ilbo's article. It looks like the members and their company are moving towards the right direction.What's important is not where you used to be in the past or where you are right now but it's the direction you're heading towards

How much did you suffer Namjoon... 

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1. I'm really, very sorry for him and that's all I can say. He's got so many fans cheering and supporting him but my heartaches to see him feeling so distressed like that +5 -0

2. I'm really angry because the people who are hellbent to put the misogyny label behind Namjoon and his members would have slept so well with their legs stretched out. I'm so mad that Namjoon wasn't even able to sleep well.. +5 -0

3. I think their company released a feedback because he kept on consulting the staffs on this matter and the company could no longer watch him suffer like that.. That makes me more angry and annoyed. This is frustrating seriously the people who framed them...

4. Really... Namjoon... ㅠㅠ

5. Honestly people only listen and see things they want and that's really upsetting. Twenty three is still a young age and I think he's been through a lot of distress and it hurts me

6. People can misunderstand and for creating such misunderstanding, in a way Namjoon could be blamed for this. However, if you really misunderstood someone you should listen to fans' clarification and those who close their ears and keep saying it's misogyny, clearly they're just people who dislike Namjoon and BTS from the start. We're not angry because of the people who misunderstood and said this is misogyny. We're just mad at those who refused to listen to the clarification and kept pushing the boys as if they are criminals. I can never forgive them. +3 -0

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