[PANN] 160706 BTS released a statement about the misogyny issue kekekeke

This is madness... This is something that could create a great damage to boy group's image but I was very surprised to see their feedback. I'm just a *Muggle (someone who is not a fan of idols) but even I couldn't tell the issue about that lyrics "Instead of holding designer bags, you hold my hand"? kekekeke.... 
Well done Bighit

Let me add something, Bighit and BTS didn't admit about misogyny. They apologized for any possible misunderstandings

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1. FYI the company didn't admit but they said they might have created misunderstanding. Why are the people who claim them to be misogynists are considered to be right? I think it's right to say "no" when something's not right... Firstly, if you say that women are the weak, that makes you a misogynist too and when a woman says a similar thing about male that doesn't make you a person who hate men but when a male idol goes a bit too far, that's considered misogynistic. This isn't fair ㅠ So opinions made by the opposite sex is treated with silence? Go on and look it up. You'll find so many similar lyrics in female idols' music too and some think it's okay to let the girls be but they can't just leave a particular group alone and you demand a feedback from them keke? There's a limit to misogynistic lyrics and I think some of you don't think you were being too sensitive. I agree that we should be sensitive when it's for a good cause. But I think we're pushing them too far and I think it's wrong. I read that Rap Mon felt a sense of shame and guilt due to this matter and as a fan I'm very upset. Due to misunderstanding he was judged by people and in a second he became a misogynist. He was the person who looked at his fans with loving gaze while singing Miss Right at their concert and I think I'll be mad if I don't get to see this song being performed at their concert due to this problem. It's so sad to see a line from this song being slandered when the overall lyric praises about girls... +260 -18

2. First of all it's not easy for a company that creates idols to release an official statement like that. But I think it's right for them to show us that their ears are open to all social related matters and that they will be more careful and learn from their mistakes. And not a single line from their statement admits that BTS hates women. They apologized for creating any misunderstandings, for causing controversy and for displeasure caused. Even if they hadn't purposely tried to make someone feel unpleasant or offended, it's right to explain their true intention and apologize and their company did that. But what's important now is that the people who pushed them to the edge by calling the boys "Misogynistic Boy Scouts" and "Misogynistic Monster" haven't still apologized. This is the sad reality. +258 -7

3. Honestly, there had been many concept and songs that showed possible signs of misogyny. But the company of a male idol (this can make things sensitive) giving a feedback and apologizing is really great. It's amazing that they showed us they have the will to learn from their mistakes. +234 -18

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