[PANN] 160727 Wow really, BTS Jin's visual became more mature

I think BTS Jin is really pretty

I knew he was pretty but he's so pretty that I can't help saying "daebak" automatically

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Response +768 -382

1. Please go to Enter-talk. Check before you post seriously. Enter-talk is not just there for you to ignore +120 -11

2. Let's move to Enter-talk or Fantalk♡~ +103 -9

3. Last time someone posted about IU and you guys were like "she's damn pretty", etc but you guys flip out and say "you should post this on Enter-talk" only when posts about male idols come up +29 -13

4. Did you post this to give us a bad name... Both of us including the A.R.M.Y are aware that Kim Seokjin is handsome so please delete this post before it enters the ranking +37 -1

5. I didn't know he had monolids until very recently... I think BTS is a group full of handsome guys with monolids... +25 -5

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