[PANN/ Discussion] 160721 I think Jung Hoseok is the best man to get married to...

I wonder who is going to be Hoseok's future bride ㅠㅠ I'm serious. My bias is Jungkook but Hoseok is a very genuine person.. he's kind and knows how to care about people around him and he speaks so nicely too ㅠㅠ I can see the words "good-natured" written in his eyes ㅠㅠ I can't help laughing when I see him cry hard.. I really think he's a really nice guy. I mean all BTS members are really good people but among them Hoseok is the jjang jjang man... so bbung bbung ㅠㅠ So cool so cool. I think the person who will get married to Hoseok will be the luckiest person~ I'm not sure about other things but I'm sure that Hoseok is the right man to get married to.. well, you guys might not agree with me!

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Response +92 -1

1. I agree. Why would Yoongi pick Hoseok as the member who will treat his wife nicely. +14 -1
2. A dream you can never achieve. +5 -0 
(T/N: Oppa! Live together with me! Let's build a family together!)

(How about you guys? XD)

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