[Article] 160807 "King of Masked Singer" Fencing Man - BTS Jungkook? Will the netizens' prediction be right?

The identity of Fencing Man from "King of Masked Singer" is arousing the curiosity of the viewers.

On 7th MBC "King of Masked Singer" aired the 1st round match between Fencing Man and Archery Girl. 

Fencing Man and Archery Girl performed a fantastic duet stage of Ra.D's "I'm in love".

According to the voting result, Fencing Man beat Archery Girl and moved up to the second round. 

The identity of Archery Girl was singer Lady Jane and the netizens predict BTS Jungkook as a strong candidate of Fencing Man.

The reason is because of Fencing Man's sweet voice tone and vibration sounds similar to BTS Jungkook.

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