[Article] 160812 Pre-filmed "Hwarang: The Beginning" will complete by end of August

Pre-produced drama "Hwarang: The Beginning" will complete by the end of this month. "Hwarang" kicked off the filming last March 31st and they officially began the production around May.

During "KBS Drama Center Press Conference" held on 11th afternoon at a restaurant in Seoul Yeouido, Head of department "Kim Sanghwi revealed, "Currently Hwarang is at the peak of filming" continuing, "They'll be done by the end of August.".

Furthermore he stated, "The drama is filmed at Ahnsung, Suwon, Gyeongju and Mungyeong sets and the actors and staffs are doing their best in the heat.".

"Hwarang" were an group of handsome male youth in Silla 1500 years ago. The drama is a youth historical drama that talks about the Hwarang's passion, love and their growth. The cast include actor Park Seojoon, actress Go Ara, Park Hyungsik (ZE:A), Minho (Shinee), Do Jihan, Lee Kwangsoo, V (BTS) and others.

"Hwarang" was sold to China's "LETV" media group for the higest price and it's scheduled to broadcast in the second half of this year.

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