[Article] 160814 BTS Jungkook was Fencing Man on "King of Masked Singer" .. His surprising talent shocks the audience

Boy group BTS Jungkook wowed the audience with a twist.

On 14th, MBC "King of Masked Singer" aired the solo stages of the 4 masked singers who won their tickets to the semi final after their last week's duet song battle.

During the second round, "I thought I could stab you this way- Fencing Man" passionately sang Big Bang's "IF YOU" and appealed with his sentimental charms. Luna guessed him to be Infinite Sunggyu.

However, "Get excited eheradio" was voted as the winner and the identity of "I thought I could stab you this way- Fencing Man" was revealed to be BTS Jungkook.

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Response +705

1. Well done ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Jungkook, you worked hard +2672 0373

2. BTS Jungkook is handsome and he sings well too. I really liked Jung Dongha's stage too +2324 -316

3. His voice is really sweet +2000 -286

4. He really sings well  +2169 -346

5. I was like his voice is really sweet like honey and he was BTS +952 -108

6. Indeed, they were a talented group +664 -62

7. Jungkook, you were so cute and cool! +659 -63

8. Let's praise him for his great stage. I really liked Jungkook's performance... But he's still young so I'm looking forward to his future +565 -40

9. Jungkook, you did really well! (motherly smile +575 -47

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