[Article] 160815 "Suspicious Vacation" Lim Hyungjoon's special relation with BTS?

Actor Lim Hyungjoon experienced benefits in Greenland thanks to group BTS.

Actor Kim Kangwoo and Lim Hyungjoon's exciting vacation in Greenland will be broadcasted on KBS 2TV "Suspicious Vacation" which airs on 15th. 

The two friendly actors are increasing the viewers' curiosity because it's been revealed that people from Greenland had invited them for a meal thanks to the idol group "BTS".

During their travel in Greenland they met locals who were celebrating Sacrament of Confirmation and were invited inside the building. The actors were stunned by the large amount of different food prepared for the event making the locals smile.

When the two actors revealed they were Korean, Greenland teenage girls who love Kpop appeared and showed them photos of "BTS" to which actor Lim Hyungjoon boastfully stated that he shared special connection with BTS. The teenage girls cheered and high fived him with.

The two actors were treated a delicious meal thanks to BTS and thanked BTS "We were able to enjoy the meal thanks to BTS". Furthermore it's said that actor Kim Kangwoo had said, "Thank you BTS". 

The viewers are curious to find out how actor Lim Hyungjoon and BTS know each other. 

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