[Article] 160820 "Muggles, come to me~" Best Fan recruiting idol fairies

Have you heard of the word "Muggle King"?

"Muggle" is a person who is not a wizard in the world of Harry Potter. Among fans it's used to represent "ordinary non-fans".

The title "Muggle King" is given to members who grab the attention of people who are not an idol fan.

They also commonly say "they (the idol member) has opened the door to their fandom".

In today's 1mm, we focused on idol "Muggle King".

So are you wondering if Muggle Kings exist only in girl groups?
We have them in boy groups as well!

The rising "Muggle King" is BTS V.
He's cute when he smiles but he's chic when he's expressionless! The twist!
This gap shot the hearts of muggles.

"Cute eye smile"

"Chic when he's expressionless"

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