[Article] 160830 BTS V, his unique friendship from "Park Bogum" to "Jang Moonbok" has become a "topic"

BTS V's unique friendship has become a topic.

Last week V (Kim Taehyung) tweeted on BTS official twitter "Please look forward!! 10PM KBS #MoonlightDrawnByCloud #firstepisode #MondayTuesday #Today #Keu" with a photo.

The photo captured V and Park Bogum in a car making the "V" sign with their heads close to each other affectionately. V and Park Bogum have previously posted various photos on their SNS account showing their close friendship, gaining the attention of their fans.

V especially received attention for his friendship with "Hip Hop President" Jang Moonbok. It was revealed that V and Jang Moonbok spent their school days together in Daegu. 

This year April during BTS's comeback, Jang Moonbok posted on his Instagram "BTS #V introduce my man :) May comeback fighting!! I'll cheer for you~ My friend who has always been there for me ^^" , showing off their friendship. 

Meanwhile, BTS solidified their position as the next generation hallyu star after successfully completing their first "A Nation" stage last August 28th, the biggest music festival in Japan.

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