[Article] 160901 Birthday Talk to You - BTS Jungkook "Precognitive dream about my birth? Places where the rain touched turned to gold"

Most memorable birthday? "The day I was tricked with hidden camera at the music video filming set"

On 1st "Golden Maknae" Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook), the main vocalist, sub rapper, leader dancer of the global trend boy idol group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) celebrated his birthday.

Jungkook has finally turned 20. <Focus News> listened to the birthday special stories shared by maknae Jungkook. He revealed his anticipations and dreams, "I want to become an adult soon because I have so many things I want to do".

-Q. [What do you think you'll be doing on your birthday?]
▲ " Ever since our debut, I remember working on every birthday. I guess I'll be working again this year too?!"

-Q. [Please tell us how you feel about celebrating your birthday]
▲ "Even before our debut I always celebrated my birthdays with BTS member hyungs but although nothing has changed I think every year feels different gradually. I'm happy because it's the day I was born and hyungs, fans, everyone around me and my family wish me every year but I'm slowly growing bigger so I think the way I accept myself is changing gradually."

-Q. [What does birthday mean to you?]
▲  "It's the day we should be grateful to our parents"

-Q. [Your thoughts about growing older?]
▲  "I've turned 20 but I think I'm still young. I have so many things I want to do so I want to become more mature and achieve my dreams. I wish time to pass more."

-Q. [What is the age you're looking forward to the most?]
▲ "I'm looking forward to the age around 24 the most..! By that time I'm very curious what I'd be doing."

-Q. [What was your parent's precognitive dream about your birth?]
▲ "It started raining in a village and wherever the rain dropped it turned gold."

-Q. [Most memorable birthday?]
▲ "Right after our debut my birthday was on the day we were recording our music video and I was tricked with hidden camera. I didn't make any mistake but I was told off by our members and staffs and that was the hidden camera plot. There's also a video of it. I was really furious that time. I think I was more upset because it was hidden camera. I can still remember it very well.

-Q. [If you had to pick the most special gift?]
▲  "Every gift given to me by fans is special! ㅎㅎ Gift is a gift. The gifts hold the senders' hearts so I consider each and every one of them very special." 

-Q. [We're sure you might have a gift you'd like to receive in the future]
▲ "I would like to present myself with a song. Someday I hope to create a song for myself as a gift."

-Q. [What would you like to do if you were given a day off on your birthday?]
▲ "We recently went on a trip to Northern Europe to film and it was really fun and pleasant. If I could take a day off on my birthday I would like to go on a trip with people I like."

-Q. [From which celebrity would you like to be wished?]
▲ "I'd be very grateful even if I was wished by any celebrity who knows me!"

-Q. [Your birthday in next 10 years?]
▲ "I don't think much would change but I guess I would be celebrating it in a more mature way?"

-Q. [Who would you like to thank on your birthday?]
▲ "Of course it's my parents. I would definitely want to say thank you to my parents. Mom and dad I love you."

-Q. [A word to yourself to celebrate your birthday]
▲  "Jungkook, first of all happy birthday and I think time is passing more faster now so I hope you make use of that time to increase your own talents. Hwaitting!"

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