[Article] 160901 BTS Jungkook is presented with "Jungkook Forest" for his 20th birthday

BTS's (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) Jungkook turns 20 and his fans are planning to gift him "Jungkook Forest".

BTS Jungkook was born on 1997 September 1st, making him the youngest member of the group. Jungkook turned 20 (Korean age) on 1st.

Jungkook's fanclub "Everything Is OK" and many other international fans from all around the world are planning to build "BTS Jungkook Forest" organized by tree planting social enterprise Tree Planet's eco-friendly project "Star Forest Project" to celebrate and wish Jungkook's 20th birthday. 

On 1st, Tree Planet stated "'BTS Jungkook Forest' will be the second forest to be built in Incheon Metropolitan City after "BTS Forest". The forest created by fans from Korea, Taiwan, Japan and 8 other countries will be created an area where trees are positively necessary.".

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