[Concert] 160814 Final ment at Epilogue Concert

V: ARMY, who I love the most in the world!! I can smile every day because of ARMY's existence. Our tour ends today but we'll be back soon to see you. Thank you.

Suga: I'm especially happy to be with you all. This isn't the end of our most beautiful moment in life. Everyone, it's "to be continued".

Jimin: I think many of you are sad because our very loved HYYH series has come to an end. However I'm looking forward to our future more. BTS is growing up with ARMY and I hope you guys continue to take care of us. I'm grateful to all your support.

Jin: Epilogue concert was really fun. All ARMYs who are here now is my treasure. ARMY's ring finger is for me! Come here!

Jungkook: It was an honor to perform on such large stadium like this for HYYH Epilogue On Stage Tour. We were happy to be with you all. This tour ends today. The most beautiful moment in life, I will never forget this HYYH. Until we meet again, "Please wait for us!"

J Hope: My love, your love... I'm really happy to spend this last moment with you all. Our most beautiful moment is life is not over yet. It will remain in our hearts for ever. HYYH, and BTS, and ARMY. I mean it!!!

Rap Monster: I remember the moment when we came to Tokyo for the first time and met 300 of our fans at Shibuya. That memory turned into this sparkling ARMY bombs. My heart is filled with gratefulness and we hope to protect this light with you all. Guys, please do not forget. Our most beautiful moment in life is meaningless without you all.

Translated by PEACHISODA
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