[Naver] 160823 BTS Suga's solo photo shoot revealed, "Striking the fans' hearts with dreamlike vibe"

World tour and then Asia tour, BTS member Suga who is currently busy with their oversea schedules appeared on the September issue of fashion magazine Marie Claire.

With natural looking messy bedhead hairstyle, oversize knit paired with red pants, Suga looked like a little prince who just woke up from sleep.

During the interview Suga talked about his recent mixtape "Agust D" and shared his honest thoughts about youth.

When Suga was asked why he had decided to release a mixtape instead of an official album he said, "My intention was to do everything I wanted to do and express myself crystal clear. I tried my best to keep the degree of completion as high as possible."

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1. Hyung you are really cool. Damn cool +2063 -230

2. His latest mixtape is so dope +1645 -162

3. Yoongi... my heart ㅠㅠ how prettier are you going to get? ㅠㅠㅠ ♡♡♡ +1432 -157

4. He looks really attractive ㅠㅠ Min Suga fighting! +1343 -153

5. Everyone let's praise Min Yoongi... +1265 -153

6. A to the G to the STD! This is stuck in my head all day ㅠㅠ +221 -30

7.  Bangtan is the best~~ +219 -30

8. Boy crush... this hyung is so freaking cool +211 -29

9. Seriously there is no exit when you fall for Min Yoongi... I'll support you +219 -32

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