[Naver][Starcast] 160803 Let's enjoy the Summer Vacation together! BTS in Dubai!

Do you remember BTS's previous Summer Vacation? After their trip to Kota Kinabalu, BTS chose Dubai as their next Summer vacation spot! They visited Abu Dhabi to attend their schedule but they also spent a wonderful time in Dubai.

BTS's Summer vacation that made them laugh"haha, hoho" endlessly! We will reveal few never-seen-before photos of BTS members during their first trip to desert, traditional village sightseeing including the photos they took at unfamiliar places only for our Starcast family!

[Desert, it's on fire!?]
First encounter... pounding heart... The first thing BTS did when they arrived at the desert for the first time...

He takes a photo ensuring the desert appears properly in it

He personally takes a photo

#Jungkook #Jimin
(Jungkook) Takes a photo of the member (Jimin) climbing the slope

He feels the touch of the desert sand

#JHope #V
They stop(?) the Sun that's trying to go to bed 

BTS tried sandboarding, Hummer desert safari and many other activities that can be enjoyed at the desert. It was the day we experienced the beauty of nature! >_<

[The photoshoot story of 7 members with 7 different charms]
The first team was V and Jungkook!(#XOXO_KOOK) The bright unit who giggles even when they're just looking at each other!

#JungkookSensitivity Jungkook's own photography know-how: Focusing on the subject carelessly and chicly, just following the feel of camera lens,
I'm just pressing the shutter!

Impressive ㅋ Jungkook's photo is impressive ㅋ (pleased)

#V Where shall we take our next photo?? (casually climbs on his back)

It's warm ;ㅅ;

#V No matter from which side I look at you and it doesn't matter if you're keeping a straight face or smiling brightly. Bang Family's sixth son Mr. Kim is handsome!


#Jungkook completes his turn after saying hello (?) to his family in Korea!

 Second unit is A-yp BTS Minimis Suga and Jimin! (#Mini_Mini) Their teamwork is perfect!

Even today, #Suga'sSight Masternim's visual is working hard!

Jimin looks like a puppy that looks like fluffy peach...

Minimis is looking at the map to avoid getting lost ᕙ( ´∇`)ᕗ

I have no idea where Jimin is!

Wow, Jimin is looking really comfy!

We will appoint Photogenic #Jimin as PoIdBank (shortened form of Pose Idea Bank)~

Syubsad 'ㅅ'

Even today, our Father is memorizing the map for his children.. (!!)

#Suga is feeling good because the photoshoot ended early!

The last team is Jin (92er) & Rap Monster (94er) & J Hope (94er) who were all born in the even number ending years!  (#Rapmonstep_up)!

Is he a Tree Fairy or what~~~~~ (of course he is)

#JHope is in charge of dance, rap and he's the Choreography leader of BTS, and he's the member with aegyo who is also refreshing as a fizzy drink!

Oh, hi? How are you?

His eyes seriously make us want to shoot a melodrama with him...✿✿

It would be wonderful if #RapMonster is waiting for us at the door when we get home... So wonderful...


Ahjae jokes are only funny when  it's told by #Jin... Because of Jin... REAL LOVE

The unit photoshoot of the trio which looks like you could hear their laughter!

#94z Looking prim *____*

Oh gosh, guys!! Focus on me @3@!!

 Ral~Ral~Ra~Ral~Ra~Ra~Ral~ (kyaaaaak) Ral~Ral~Ra~Ral~Ra~Ra~Ral~ (giggles)
-automatic audio supporting service-

We have achieved our goal if we made you smile for a moment or helped to raise your cheekbones slightly higher while you were  looking at BTS's Dubai Summer Vacation Starcast! BTS's cheerful and pleasant summer doesn't stop here. Let's spend a cool Summer together!~

[Special Bonus: Let's change our mobile wallpapers]

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1. Ah, I'm so happy, I'm so happy! I think my cheekbones might explode and I got no way to express my feelings +1211 -18

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3. All 7 of them look pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +693 -14

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