[PANN] 160803 My opinion, the sexiest member from each group

2. BTS Min Yoongi

Suga is impregnable fortress of BTS (I'm not really sure because I'm not an idol fan ㅠ) I almost fell for him when I saw him wearing snapback during their FIRE promotion

I didn't write their names in any ranking! I hope I didn't offend anyone... this is just my opinion! :)
There are many other singers! I hope they all succeed! Succeed! Succeed!!!

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Response +75 -8

1. Thanks for mentioning Yoongi! +85 -25

2. Thanks for mentioning Yoongi~~ +75 -23

3. Thank you for mentioning Yoongi but I think post like this should be moved to Enter-talk...! ㅜㅜ +4 -0

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