[PANN] 160816 Did the doctor ask Yoongi about suicide?

This is shocking... His depression, OCD, sociophobia, motorcycle accident, sleeping in the bathroom, self hatred, choosing to stay unfortunate if it makes others happy and to get on the guillotine, and other lyrics like these made me wonder what he was trying to tell us but for real don't you think he's really an amazing person to endure all those times? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ... I got to know about his mixtape and the music video because of my ARMY friend but personally I liked this song much more than the music video. I think Suga has a great mind and I have a new opinion about him (I'm not saying that I didn't like the song from the music video ㅎㅎ;;) His rapid rapping in the music video made me weak 

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1. Yoongi is the guy who debuted after working hard with his shoulders that got injured after his delivery part time and early morning part time jobs to support himself during this trainee days. Seriously if I see haters leaving negative comments here- you know what? You're not even a human, okay? +364 -65

2. It's amazing that he was able to keep his mental. But I hope we don't focus too much on this track. The second track has a music video and they're going to release 2 more music videos. I personally love the 10th track. This photo has a part of the lyrics of 10th track +258 -8

3. I think that must be right. When you go to the psychiatric because you suffer depression they ask if you had ever attempted suicide +251 -7

4. So you take part time jobs like him if you're poor? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ you've got to be kidding. He practiced from morning till night without break, evaluated his progress, worked on his music and then dragged his exhausted body for early morning and delivery part time jobs. After the sunrise he would go back to the cramped dorm where 10 people lived together and get less than few hours of sleep. He kept repeating this cycle like a hamster on wheel and you think that this was easy for a 18 year old kid who moved all by himself to Seoul where he didn't have his parents or any friends but accepted to work hard for years until he injured his shoulder from a motorcycle accident when he was so close from reaching his dream that he decided to get on stage suppressing his shoulder pain? You say people work like him when they're poor? So did you take part time jobs like him? Are you living your ass off for the most important goal you had found in your life? Seeing you running to posts like this to leave comments like that doesn't make me believe that you are actually making efforts to live a good life. (I'm talking to the guys who had commented to the top comments) +171 -5

5. Is Suga from BTS?? I didn't know about him but if this post is true I think he's a great person. I hope you succeed! +118 -0

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