[PANN] 160816 Seriously Suga's mixtape

I bawled while listening to the 7th track The Last ㅠㅠㅠ shit it's too sad
How much hardship did he go through since young age?

+It's so sexy when he swears... my tears went back in when I heard his swears I think I'm going to be their fan...

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Response +954 -55

1. My fans, keep your head high with pride because who can do it like me.. I'm worried what he might have gone through while we, fans were kept in the dark and I'm really grateful and honestly this is too high quality to be free +225 -0

2. I really love his mixtape and it wasn't easy for them to reach where they are today. Seriously I tear up when I read the mixtape lyrics and I think I know why Jungkook cried +215 -6

3. The lyrics are so deep and I keep thinking so this was what happened to Min Yoongi not Suga ㅠㅠ+196 -4

4. He suffered from sociophobia, depression, OCD, shoulder injury from motorcycle accident. self hatred and slept on toilet floor. Yoongi, how did you manage to endure all these things at such young age? You're still 24. Please be happy now because you've got enough reasons to be happy +92 -1

5. The part where he says he chose not to appear on Show me the Money was cool.. +82 -1
6. Tweet he posted on November 24th 2014 became a part of his lyrics and the beat he uploaded on January 2013 became the beat for Min Yoongi's latest mixtape. He really worked hard for it and he poured everything he got for it. If Antis interpret this work with their sick minds and curse at him, you are starting a war +74 -0

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