[PANN] 160818 How to Stream (Melon)

Streaming guide for BTS fans who recently joined the fandom

1. It doesn't matter which site you stream on. (Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, etc) But Melon has the highest reflection rate so it's best to stream on Melon.

2. If you are going to be using Melon only for streaming, you need to use the Streaming Club voucher 

>스트리밍 클럽 (Streaming Club)
-Monthly subscription 5,900 won
-30 days subscription 7,500 won

3. Only one play every hour will be counted in the chart but for the Gaon chart (the standard for year end awards) every stream will be counted so you need to schedule your streaming list for an hour with every song in their album

According to August 2016 - "Fire"
You need to include many songs which they had promoted during this year

And it's a good idea to plan your streaming list to have less than 1 hour playtime

4. So are we streaming properly?

When you see the musical note when you're listening to the song it means you are streaming properly!
(icon with DCF) <- This means you aren't streaming

5. Please remember to check from time to time if the streaming has been turned off or not!

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