[PANN] 160821 Excited fan and surprised BTS Jin

Cute ^^

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Response +205 -54

1. How is this cute? Am I the only one mad at that fan? I mean why on earth would you throw something at them? I was angry when Jungkook was hit with an Iron Man doll last time and this title somewhat feels like it's been translated using Google translator.. To people reading this comment, if you want to give them presents at concerts please don't hit them with it +146 -4

2. ARMYs were really pissed when this came up on Fan talk board...  What are you trying to do by throwing something massive like that to a kid who's on stage? Those selfish people are throwing things at Seokjin without considering his safety because they just want to pass their presents... Please don't throw things at artists during concerts... And let's be quiet when the members are speaking on stage. Their voice is drowned by your screaming +74 -0

3. Cute +56 -2

4. I really wish people would stop throwing things at them. They are humans too and they might feel bad even if they're hit by mistake and it hurts them +31 -0

5. Like how excited should a fan be to throw stuff on stage? I thought I was the only one feeling upset but I realized after reading the comments ㅋㅋ Let's not throw stuff at them during concerts... +21 -0

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