[PANN] 160824 It looks like Kim Seokjin is the true influential person in BTS...

 During their 2 million followers V App live broadcast they had a rice cake with Twitter logo on the table while they were talking and then Taehyung and Jimin starts eating the rice cake

Jimin grabbed another piece after the first one and Taehyung took one too
Then Seokjin's expression stiffened a little

To Seokjin's simple hand gesture

Park Jimin puts his rice cake down immediately ㅋㅋㅋ (Seokjin checks Jimin putting his cake down..) 

He then gives Taehyung a look

And Taehyung puts his cake down too

Woah... Did I just hear Jin fans screaming?
I can't explain well because the screencaps are low quality but if you go to the actual video on V app and watch around 5:40, you can see Seokjin's expression 
Jungkook also takes a bite but he glances at Seokjin too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Anyway when BTS talk about ranking in variety shows or interviews Seokjin's usually behind Yoongi or Namjoon but in reality I think he's No. 1..

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Response +301 -6

1. I think even Seokjin was brought up in a good family... He seems like a person who is free and does whatever he wants without caring what other's think but he's really polite and he's so hardworking... I think he doesn't cross the borders too. What am I talking about... Kim Seojin I love you +111 -2

2. Of course. Although he plays with maknaes, he's still their hyung. He's indeed their eldest hyung. +91 -0

3. For some reason my heart is pounding to the fact Seokjin's older than Yoongi... +77 -0

4. This GIF explains Kim Seokjin's charm as the eldest hyung... +24 -0

5. And I fell in love again +21 -0

6. People say Min Yoongi's the influential person in BTS but it's all according to their  age. We can't really tell because the boys are playful +19 -0 

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