[PANN] 160826 Let's vote for Seokjin as Idol Chef King

※Please help me pin this post so more ARMYs can see※

Please vote for Seokjin as Idol Chef King!
We're really close to first place ㅜㅜ Just imagining our Eat Jin cooking makes our heart pound and we could have the chance to see him cook so we cannot not vote, right? Let's show ARMYs power.

For ARMYs who will vote
I will be there for your creation until the end of your life 
Wherever you might be (the world) it will be lenient

Secret tip) Another ARMY commented that we can vote many times if we have multiple Twitter accounts!

Link) http://m.mwave.interest.me/en/star/poll/vote.m?poll_seq=534

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Response +64

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