[PANN] 160828 Who is the idol you like to listen beside your own artist?

I'm Inspirit but I like Shinee! I liked them since their Sherlock promotion!!!

I think they have a great style, dance, music, visual and personality!

+) Please don't go around pressing down vote just because we didn't mention your artist ㅎㅎ! Pitiful

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Response +398 -43

1. Oh my girl Gfriend Infinite Shinee BtoB Seventeen BTS VIXX +580 -41

2. Oh my girl Black Pink VIXX BtoB BTS Astro +412 -95

3. BTOB BTS Black Pink Seventeen iKon +139 -12

4. Oh my girl B1A4 Seventeen BTS Gfriend but I love all ㅠㅠ +49 -2

5.  Got7 Lovelyz Seventeen BTS SNSD Ladies' Code EXO Infinite Beast and Ailee although she's not an idol +32 -0

6. I'm BANA and I like BTS BtoB Oh my girl Seventeen Astro Shinee Infinite Beast VIXX EXO A Pink Red Velvet why do I have so many ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +31 -0

7. VIXX BTS Oh my girl +31 -2

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