[PANN] 160828 Why are ARMYs and BTS hated on PANN?

First of all I'm EXO-L and I can prove that but
I hope some of you stop hating BTS on Pann
Especially those of you who try to start arguments by comparing EXO and Bangtan. I hope you shit heads go f*** yourselves
I believe that everything can be good when we all get along together happily but when posts about Bangtan come up they are bombarded by down votes and even when it's a nice post it still gets hundreds of down votes
Actually as an EXO fan I understand how heartbreaking it is when posts about EXO gets many down votes (sobs) so I hope you guys stop giving down votes
I'm an EXO-L but EXO-Ls don't really hate Bangtan like what muggles and other idol fans think 
Of course among the haters there would be EXO-Ls too but I just hope you understand that not every EXO-L is like that..
Ah, of course this is my opinion I'm not trying to generalize
Bangtan got caught in few issues and most of them have been solves so
And even if they didn't give any feedback yet I think it's unnecessary for us to hate them excessively

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Response +295 -44

1. I'm EXO-L too and seriously some of them try to start ridiculous amounts of fights between us and Bangtan... for real... +102 -0

2. I think you're hated here if you are popular... +98 -8

3. EXO is hated a lot too. Idols are popular when they're hated on Pann +70 -4

4. But seriously when ARMYs and EXO-Ls get along well on Pann we have our Attention Seekers who write posts pretending to be one of us and I'm so used to this pattern now that it doesn't even piss me off anymore +23 -0

5. I'm a fan of another idol too and I honestly don't understand. I don't know why but I think they just hate BTS with no good reason +22 -2

6. This is real. I have EXO-Ls around me and most of them don't hate BTS +20 -0

7. I'm ARMY and I've seen people saying negative comments about BTS are written by EXO-Ls and the other way around when there are negative comments about EXO. Those attention seeking ass****s. Honestly both fans don't really care about each other and we're busy walking our own road so I don't understand why they have to yank our hair and try to start arguments. I've seen so many f***ing nice comments supporting each other in some really good posts +17 -0

8. Seriously we'll be in damn good terms if we only have nice EXO-Ls and ARMYs +12 -1

9. Honestly when an idol group is a nugu or not famous they aren't even hated. Other fans try to start fights between EXO and BTS by keeping them No.1 and No. 2 on fan-talk board and this shows how they're trying to keep us in check +11 -0

10. I'm ARMY and I like EXO too so I don't understand why some idiots try to come between us ㅠ I want to be close with you guys +8 -0

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