[PANN] 160829 Jungkook is an angel ㅠㅠ

He's helping to pick up the trash ㅠㅠ
→ https://twitter.com/9arcon1997/status/770137077547753472?s=09

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Response +126 -1

1. He has really grown up well under good hyungs +15 -0

2. Wow... I really can't find any flaw no matter how deep I try digging about Jeon Jungkook... Picking up trash isn't even what he has to be doing but he's helping the staff.. heol... he's got a good heart +12 -0

3. Wow seriously ㅠㅠ he has a really beautiful heart. Jeon Jungkook this is why I can't stop myself from liking you +3 -0

4. It shows how well he was brought up. Our pretty Jungkook +2 -0

5. We should learn from him +2 -0

6. I love you our baby... +2 -0

7. I really want to show this off to others. Perhaps I should go hiking in the morning and grab any uncle, show him this and say this is our BTS maknae Jeon Jungkook! I want to scream this!!! +1 -0

8. He's face isn't just pretty. He has a beautiful heart +1 -0

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