[PANN] 160829 Reasons why ISAC should stop broadcasting ;


Today they recorded Chuseok Special ISAC and Leo's face turned red due to his nose injury and it's going to affect their The Show, Music Core, Inkigayo, Music Bank and Fan event.
He was taken to the hospital immediately and he's currently resting...
Rumor has it VIXX is excluded as winning candidate in music programs. Not sure if this true or not 


During futsal match his face got hit by the opponent's elbow and his nose started to bleed ㅜㅜㅠㅠ It wasn't possible for him to continue recording so he was taken to the hospital and is currently resting at their dorm...

BTOB Minhyuk

Minhyuk came last in running;;;
He had to run 5 times for the final round
3 out of 5 times the starting pistol  was faulty so instead of a "bang" it was a "click" but Minhyuk was standing close to the shooter so he was the only one who reacted to the sound
The clicking sound was caught by fans' cameras too
But the problem was when he ran for the 3rd time Lee Minhyuk stopped when he heard the clicking sound while he was running and he fell on his knees...
While he was on the floor they signaled red card and during his 4th run the pistol shot twice straight Bang! Bang! 
Idols started running but they were told to stop 
Everyone was exhausted and Lee Minhyuk was especially more tired
Eventually during his final run the MCs said bs like "Minhyuk, false starts aren't allowed" 
He was already dispirited because of the red card and due to his knee pain he ran slowly and came 6th
Melodys are pissed off because they're afraid they'll only broadcast the "False start" part and cover up their faulty starting pistol incident after all this

We don't want to see our idols getting hurt physically and emotionally~
If you want viewers ratings, why don't you try preparing things like Change Stage special shows or something? ㅋㅋㅋ Seriously this show needs to end

Starlights, ARMYs, MELODYs please cheer up

1. #ISACneedstoend

P.S Minhyuk got hit in the face by a ball too and Ilhoon and Minhyuk fell down during the relay... Today wasn't Minhyuk's day... he must be upset.. ㅠㅠ

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1. They're probably going to say things like False start by Lee Minhyuk, change of generation in track and field. They're going to keep quiet about their mistakes and blame Minhyuk and make him look like he made a false start. Seriously they get hit in the face during futsal and fall on their knees in the tracks. MCs pretend to be deaf at the venue. Even fans could hear the weird clicking sound when the pistol was shot and they say bs like "Oh...False starts aren't allowed!" Well he never made a false start. +75 -1

2. Seriously this is unbelievable. The companies and ISAC. They're both equally ridiculous because when did they ever provide primary care right after their injury and sent them off to the hospital? They've always made them finish the event before sending them to the hospital. They make the idols run even when they're in pain. They were the ones who tossed the injured idols few ice cubes to soothe the pain. This is why Starlights at the futsal venue couldn't tell why his (Leo) face was red and he kept running around so the fans didn't know he was in so much pain... Jung Taekwoon pretended to be okay in front of his fans... +23 -1

3. Seriously if I were Melody... I would have wanted to punch the ISAC staff +13 -0

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