[Starcast] 160817 "My name is, Agust D"... The real Min Yoongi rapped by "Suga"

Inside a shabby container

The ruined interior

And an unsteady man.

"My name is"

"Agust D"

"BTS" Suga is back as rapper Agust D. On 16th 12am, he revealed his first mixtape on Soundcloud under the same title.

But hold on, what is a mixtape? It's songs produced for non-commercial purposes available for free download. Since these tracks aren't deliberated in any way, artists can convey their honest stories without making any adjustments.

Agust D also holds his personal stories. The lyrics of all 10 songs are based on his personal experiences. He also produced the mixtape by himself.

"Mixtape was something I really wanted to work on. I wanted to show my true colors which I couldn't show as BTS." (Agust D)

Would you like to learn more about Agust D than Suga? "Starcast" met with Agust D. We listened to his work and had a chat with him.

On July 19th, at Gyeonggido Namyang set. They're busy filming the music video of "Agust D", the second track from the mixtape.

The concept is wandering youth. Suga is trapped in a ruined house and after his desperate struggle, he escapes from the place. It's about his transition to Agust D.

"I am, Agust D"

It's like his mixtape motto.

"Life is daily oscillation between revolt and submission"

In other words, this  was the story of real "Min Yoongi".

"I worked on this song in 2011. I created the beat that year. My lyrics express my true nature which people don't know about. It might seem strange but it's going to be different." (Agust D)

let's take a look at the lyrics

The point is "Min Pride". He's proud of the success he has achieved as idol "BTS". And his pride as talented "Min PD" was extraordinary. His diss on other rappers was fiery too.

After listening to the tracks we agreed he should be proud of his work. His rapid rapping together with his splendid beats were impressive. His charismas, we knew why he was called the "Min Ruler".

Furthermore, his passion was extraordinary too. Agust D created 60 songs over the last 2 years. If we add up his featurings and mixtapes it's over 80 tracks.

"I personally think that people who create things shouldn't be lazy. So when I don't have schedules I always stay at my workspace. I continuously create songs and save them for later. That is my biggest asset. And I get to improve my skills too. So I make efforts and try all the time." (Agust D)

Like so, for a very long time Suga has been filling his treasure box. He was able to release this mixtape after picking out 10 tracks from the list.

For example....
"724148" expresses the hardships of his trainee days

"140503 at dawn" expressed the anguish brought by the hardships

In "The Last", he explained the progress of finding confidence after overcoming the mental pressure 

And the second track "Agust D", revealed the confidence of the completed version of "Min Yoongi".

What about the final track "So Far Away"?
It's a warm consolation for the wandering youths.

This is why this mixtape is "Min Pride".
And why he's "Min Ruler".

To his passion, RESPECT!

Interview Time

"Starcast" (S) " What is the meaning of Agust D?
"Agust D" (D): Agust D is Dt Suga written backwards. Dt is D Town, that is the name of the hip hop crew I used to perform in Daegu.

S: Is he (Agust D) very different from "BTS" Suga?
A: I guess so? It's hard to create beats and write lyrics like this as BTS music. I can freely express my thoughts when I'm on Agust D mode.

S: I see. When we looked at your album, we could tell that you've worked a very long time for it.
A: I created some songs a long time ago. Some were written a month ago too. I noted down the emotions I felt every now and then, worked on beats and I kept repeating the process.

S: The lyrics are very impressive. We could feel the agony of being a rapper and an idol.
A: It's nothing grand. And I'm an idol. I don't deny this fact. But at the same time, I'm someone who creates music. I like hip hop. And I expressed all these thoughts in my lyrics.

S: Is there a shade of Suga you'd like to show us in the future?
A: If I were to compare it to color, it would be white. I want to be an all rounder who does well in whatever color he's painted with. As an idol and as a rapper.

S: Lastly, would you like to say something to your fans?
A: Many of my songs will be different compared to the songs I created as BTS. There might be aggressive songs and interesting songs too. I hope you will enjoy listening to them without feeling intimidated. Thank you.

Starcast is not complete without the bonus. We've prepared visual A cuts of Suga. Save them if you are a fan and save them even if you are not a fan!

"Charisma of Min Ruler"

"But when he smiles, like a puppy"

Min Yoongi,

BTS Suga,

Agust D,

You'll support every side of him, right?

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Translated by PEACHISODA

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