[Article] 160901 BTS V collides with "BEAST" on Click Starwars?

Group BTS member V came 6th on Weekly Idol's ranking chart "Click  Starwars".

For this Click Starwars individual ranking chart the title was "Who is the member you would like to appear together on <Duet Song Festival> with?". V is behind 5th Beast Lee Gikwang by 180 points.

The current positions for Click Starwars- 1st AOA Yuna, , 2nd Beast Yang Yoseob, 3rd Infinite Woohyun, 4th Beast Yoon Doojun, 5th Beast Lee Gikwang. Would it be possible for V who is showing high potential of entering the top 5 in Click Starwars individual ranking chart to make a successful achievement in the end? This is surely attracting the fans' attention.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently 4th in Click Starwars artist ranking.

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