[Article] 160905 BTS reveals 2nd full album teaser "Short film"... unprecedented attempt

BTS announced the release of their second full album "WINGS" with "Short Film".

On 5th 12AM, BTS revealed "WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN"  on Bighit's official Youtube channel.

Their short film contents is a combination of theatrical and cinematic elements, setting it apart from existing standard teasers and music videos. BTS's attempt in this new method of album promotion is making them stand out.

Many various elements from the short film are puzzling its viewers. The video starts with Rap Monster's English narration together with the sound of whistle and we see BTS member Jungkook waking up from dream.

Soon after waking up from the dream, Jungkook stands with a small drawing of a man in his hand. Immediately a large canvas with a painting of a man appears.

Jungkook seems confused as he looks at the man in the canvas. The canvas is soon engulfed by fire and we see Jungkook cry out in sorrow in front of the burned ashes. The man in the painting is transformed into a bird and behind the shadow of Jungkook we see the bird changing into wings and that ends the video.

BTS will continue releasing additional short films after their first video "BEGIN" and they are planning to release their 2nd full album "WINGS" within this year.

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1. 2nd full album ㅠㅠ this is a real "oh yeah" oh yeah ㅠㅠ I did secretly anticipate for a full album after HYYH and the short melody in the short film was so great that I got goosebumps ㅠㅠ fangirl's crying here ㅠㅠ They released their first short film today so I guess we'll have 7 more?? And I will be living my life in happiness waiting for the teasers!! And I hope this to succeed!! Funboys let's succeed again this time +18 -0

2. I should save money for the album. Let's succeed ㅜㅜ + 8 -0 

3. Heol 2nd full album ㅜㅜㅡ +3 -0

4. Bangtan, Bangtan Hwaitting!!!!!! +3 -0

5. I knew something was up when the boys changed their hair color... There's fanmeeting and I guess they'll be doing concerts too which will be tiring ㅠㅠ We will fangirl hard too♡ + 3 -0

6. Bighit, take my bank account... Full album.. I should absolutely get this... +1 -0

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