[Article] 160905 BTS V vs Park Bogum "Beret Hat" playful autumn date item

As we are entering early autumn weather great for dates, there are men who want to adonize themselves with a floppy hat or beret hat they've kept in their closets during the summer.

If you want to add beret hat to your outfit without making your girlfriend think you've overdressed you should refer to Park Bogum and BTS V's looks.

You could create a classic and stylish impression by adding beret hat with an oversized shirt that will accentuate manliness.

Even BTS V decided to go with a street style look by pairing beret hat with a stripped shirt. You could also create a stylist look by layering a tshirt pullover on top. 

The styling tip to cancel out the unisex feel of a beret hat is by wearing basic tops.

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