[Article] 160905 Homme "Rap like lyrics... it's still hard for us to memorize, it's "Dilemma"."

- What kind of song is "Dilemma"?
(Lee Hyun) "Until now we sang many splendid ballads. But we wanted to try something new to let our talents stand out. We wanted to try something different without changing too much from our song "I was able to eat well". And we got a song that fits tot his. We worked with Rap Monster and the ballad created by him has a different grammar. Our recording progress felt different."

- Your voices are only accompanied by piano. It sounds softer.
(Changmin) "We recorded many versions of "Dilemma". We tried with soft voice and strong voice too. Rap Monster wanted rhythmical version. We thought strong voice wouldn't fit the melodies played only by a piano so that's how we completed the current version."

- How did it feel like to receive a song from Rap Monster who is a junior?
(Changmin) "If the song is good it doesn't matter from whose head it comes from. Even if it's from a very young junior. And it was not at all difficult because we worked together with Bang PD-nim. Bang PD is someone who says that even timing is irrelevant to great songs."

- We heard that Rap Monster recorded the guide.
(Lee Hyun) "There's a song called "Young Forever" by BTS. We sang "Dilemma" soulfully just like that song. So it was hard to record. But we sang with the vibe of a rapper singing a song so there were points for us to catch and points for us to forget about too."

- Didn't Rap Monster give you guys a hard time when recording?
(Changmin) - "Rap Monster giving us a hard time? We were worried the other way around. We were worried that Rap Monster would try to move on even when the result was bad because we were his seniors. But he was a better producer than I thought. He talked like we were broadcasting. "We'll do it this way", we thought he was a producing staff. (laughs)"

- Rap Monster is unexpectedly charismatic. 
(Changmin) "We knew Rap Monster to be charismatic since he's the leader of BTS. But we found him cute because he's very younger than us."

(I've only translated Rap Monster's parts)

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